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That you went to a store to buy a shirt, you took several off the rack and tried them on to see how they fit. When you found the one that best suited you, you went to the register, paid for it and went on your way. Pretty simple huh? What if instead of trying it on, you bought all ten different sizes of the same shirt you liked, went home and tried them all on until you found the one that fit you. Doesn't make much sense does it? You spent 10 times what you should have to get the exact same shirt. When it comes to new product innovation, most companies today work like that. They develop new products for the market and then test them out to see which ones work in the market and which don't

PR Express+ has restructured the product innovation development process to maximize the investment our clients make in innovation. The process is quite simple and direct. By applying our unique branding methodology we reverse the development process, starting by identifying the target segment, understand the consumer needs and developing a concept that can satisfy those needs.

This concept is then materialised into a brand strategy that is based on the consumer rather than the product. This process enables us and our clients to understand what the market is asking for, what our client's competitors are doing to target this need, and where the true differentiating and most relevant opportunities are.

The brand becomes the product development driver and ensures that the new product is developed in line with the market and most importantly minimises the resources needed to develop, market and sell this product. It also extends the product life cycle because our strategies are geared toward market trends and they are in constant evolution.


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