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That has that many syllables usually sounds expensive and complicated, and traditionally speaking, it is. Many companies shy away from internationalising, even though they know that in the end, it is absolutely necessary.

Internationalisation, when done right is the easiest way to expand your business. You literally double, triple, quadruple... etc your market with the same offer. Naturally there are some fundamental steps one needs to take in order to do this. The basics are to understand the market, consumer, distribution network and competitive set.

PR Express+ is a specialist in internationalising companies. We apply our own branding methodology to make our clients' offer relevant to the specific needs of the new market, identify and execute distribution strategies that can empower our clients' presence and generate differentiation with the competitive offer. Our methodology is designed to do all this utilising our clients' current resources. In the end we want our clients to spend as little money as possible.

Branding is a fundamental tool in maximising your resources. And we're not talking about making a pretty logo, for that we can recommend you some very good designers. We're talking about entering a market with a tool that enables you to communicate a fresh, relevant message with impact in order to consolidate your resources and evolve your offer.


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