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Three brands from the United States. Now do the same for Norway. It is a little bit more difficult, isn't it?

Country Branding is much more than attracting tourists, it is about economic and social development.

PR Express+ works with governments from different countries throughout the world to help them develop their economies through branding. We realise you may have had to read that last bit again, thinking of what branding has to do with economic development, GDPs and all those other acronyms that serve as growth indicators.

PR Express+ unique country branding strategies are designed to: increase the level of quality foreign direct investment, stimulate entreprise growth, extend the reach of the "flagship" brands of a country, empower strategic sectors and increase the economies of scale within fragmented sectors of the economy.

PR Express+ strategies have been sought out by Prime Ministers and Ministers of Economy because of their positive long term impact on their economies and societies.


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